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ODM DNA Extraction Kits Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent

China Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd certification
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ODM DNA Extraction Kits Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent

ODM DNA Extraction Kits Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent
ODM DNA Extraction Kits Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent

Large Image :  ODM DNA Extraction Kits Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO13485,NMPA,

ODM DNA Extraction Kits Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent

Model: CY-F006-11 (100 Preps-cells) Reagent Bottle Size/volume1: CY1: 60mL
Reagent Bottle Size/volume2: CY2: 60mL Reagent Bottle Size/volume3: CY3: 60mL
Reagent Bottle Size/volume4: CY4: 60mL Reagent Bottle Size/volume5: CY5: 15mL
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ODM Medical DNA Extraction Kits


60ml DNA Extraction Kits


ODM nucleic acid extraction kit

ODM DNA Extraction Kits Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent
High Quality Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent Detection Kit Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent
product description:
This kit uses magnetic beads that can specifically bind DNA and a unique buffer system. The silica-based magnetic beads and reagents are used in combination. During the mixing process, the large surface area of ​​the magnetic beads and the sufficient connection of the target make it have superior performance. Binding and washing efficiency with high efficiency and specificity. It can maximize the removal of impurity proteins and other organic compounds in cells. The extracted DNA fragments are large, and the purity and quality are stable and reliable.
Description: The main components are magnetic beads, proteinase K, sodium chloride. Magnesium Chloride. Potassium chloride, Tris, etc.
Using silicon magnetic beads and buffer system with unique separation function, it can quickly, highly sensitively and efficiently extract high-purity nucleic acid from samples, and the extracted and purified nucleic acid can be used for PCR, RT-PCR, digestion, reverse transcription, and Southern Various common downstream experiments such as blot, applicable specimen types: whole blood, tissue homogenate, swab, serum, plasma, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, etc. Applicable extraction instruments: most of the automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments on the market
1. Magnetic bead-based technology isolates genomic DNA without the need for hazardous chemicals, centrifugation or vacuum manifolds, phenol and ethanol precipitation.
2. Fast and efficient purification of genomic DNA from human buccal swabs in less than 15 minutes after sample preparation and lysis.
3. Simple cleavage with proteinase K without any mechanical cleavage.
4. Minimal RNA contamination.
5. Purified genomic DNA exhibits improved downstream performance in applications such as PCR.
6. A kit is included for automated processing of large numbers of samples in 96-well plates using a liquid handling robot.

modelCY-F006-11 (100 preps-cells)
Reagent bottle size/volume 1CY1: 60mL
Reagent bottle size/volume 2CY2: 60mL
Reagent bottle size/volume 3CY3: 60mL
Reagent bottle size/volume 4CY4: 60mL
Reagent bottle size/volume 5CY5: 15mL

Product Usage:
For purification and isolation of DNA (including genomic, mitochondrial, bacterial, parasitic and viral DNA) from tissues, saliva, body fluids and oral cavity, cervix, skin cells, bacterial cells, tissue, swabs, cerebrospinal fluid, body fluids, washed urine cells )
ODM DNA Extraction Kits Medical Laboratory Rapid Detection Reagent 0
Product Instructions:
The magnetic bead material specifically adsorbs and dissociates from nucleic acid under different salt concentrations and acid-base conditions, separates nucleic acid and other components in the lysed cells by the transfer magnetic bead method, and then obtains the magnetic bead-free extract by washing and elution- -- Nucleic acids.
The first step - lysis, use lysis solution to destroy the cellular structure of animal and plant cells, so that the DNA is fully released
The second step—binding, adding magnetic bead binding solution to specifically adsorb DNA, so that DNA can be fully combined with magnetic beads;
The third step------washing, using detergent, after multiple washings, fully remove other residual impurities;
The fourth step - elution, use the eluent to dissociate the magnetic beads and DNA to obtain a higher-quality DNA solution.

Q1: How long have you been in manufacturing medical consumables?
A: Established on 2008, our factory offer production, sales,delivery one-stop service.
Q2: What's your lead time?
A: For mass production, we deliver by batches and first batch can be delivered within 7 days.
Q3: Do you have any certificates?
A: YES, we have all the certificates required for export and local import custom clearance.
Q4: Do you have GMP Lab?
A: YES, we have our GMP Lab built in 2016.
Q5: Where is your main market located?
A: 60% in American Countries, 30% in European Countries and 10% in Middle East.


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