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Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm

China Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm

Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm
Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm

Large Image :  Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO13485,NMPA,

Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm

Size: / Safety Standard: /
Product Description: Nasal Flocked Swab/ Oral Flocked Swab/ Throat/cervical Swab Breakpoint: 90mm, 30mm, 80mm
Application: Specimen PCR Test, EIA Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories
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90mm DNA Collection Kit


80mm DNA Collection Kit


80mm specimen collection kit


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product description:


DNA collection kits are available for genetic testing. The purpose of genetic testing is to know and prevent early so that diseases that would otherwise occur do not occur, rarely occur, or occur. For example, the incidence of malignant tumors is gradually increasing, and the treatment effect is not good. Genetic testing is when the body is in a healthy state, through the inspection of individual genetic defects found, to find out the susceptibility genes of malignant tumors and other diseases, and then to carry out a scientific health assessment, to formulate the best health care methods and lifestyles, to avoid as much as possible. and prevent the occurrence of these major diseases.




All-in-one system for self-collection of DNA samples at home, collection, stable transport, storage, and extraction of human DNA from high-quality oral samples.


Product Usage:


Applications: PCR, SNP, genotyping, microarray, next-generation sequencing and whole-genome sequencing, etc.


Specimen DNA Collection Kit 90mm 30mm 80mm 0


product instructions:

1. Check the subject's name and test items, and ask whether he has severe oral ulcers or bronchial tubes. If the patient is not recommended to take oral swab samples.


2. Please rinse the mouth three times, and wait patiently for 30 minutes after oral cleaning. During this period, do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.


3. While the subject is waiting, remove the plastic packaging in person, open the sampling box, and educate the subject about the introduction of genetic testing, product classification instructions, specimen collection instructions, and other information (for minors, please leave it to the parents for management), Check whether the sampling set is in good condition, if damaged, please replace the sampling set.


4. Paste barcodes on the genetic testing storage card, the health information collection form, the two specimen test tubes, and the return box, and hand over the barcoded storage card to the subject (for minors, please give it to the parents) for convenience Report inquiries at a later date.


5. After the attention is completed, the examinee (parent) is asked to fill in the health information sampling form, fill it out truthfully and completely in block letters, and sign it.


6. Gene sampling box sampling swab sampling link


7. Put the two-sample test tubes and the health information sampling form back into the sample return box and fix them with foam. Finally, fill in the name on the return box and the outer box.


Size /
Safety standard /
Product Description Nasal flocked swab/ Oral flocked swab/ Throat/cervical swab
Breakpoint 90mm, 30mm, 80mm
Application Specimen PCR test, EIA
Properties Medical Materials & Accessories




1. Wash with water when the stabilizer comes into contact with the eyes or skin. Do not ingest.


2. Requirement: The swab does not touch the teeth or throat


3. Cap the tube tightly after collection, there is no leakage. 30 days Validity of DNA samples.

Product parameters:


Sampling Kit Instructions (2:2)


2 disposable sampling swabs


2 sample collection tubes (2ml, with preservation solution)


1 return bag


4 barcodes

Who can get genetic testing?


1, people with a family history of the disease;


2, people with bad living habits;


3. People who have been exposed to chemical pollution, heavy metal pollution, nuclear pollution, and exposure to toxic and harmful substances for a long time;


4, concerned about healthy friends;


When many diseases are diagnosed, everything is too late. Do a good job in disease prevention and let us stay healthy longer!


Q1: What's your lead time?
A: For mass production, we deliver by batches, and the first batch can be delivered within 7 days.
Q2: Do you have any certificates?
A: YES, we have all the certificates (ISO13485, CE, FSC, TGA, NMPA) required for export and local import custom clearance.
Q3:Where is your main market located?
A: 60% in American Countries, 30% in European Countries, and 10% in the Middle East.
Q4: Do you have GMP Lab?
A: YES, we have our GMP Lab built in 2016.
Q5: How long have you been in manufacturing medical consumables?
A: Established in 2008, our factory offer production, sales, delivery one-stop service.
Q6: Do you support OEM/ODM?
A: YES, we can prototype and customize the ideal product according to your specific application.
Q7: Do you have any certificates?
A: YES, we have all the certificates required for export and local import custom clearance.

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